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I wanted to make a page for the most common questions and their answers to try and help people quicker. If you have a question that's not answered on this page, please send me a message.


Can I download the modes from my TC420 to my PC?

Unfortunately, this feature does not exist. You can only save your modes from your PC to the TC420.

Can I use the TC420 to power a fan?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to do this. The simplest way is to use a standard 12v PC fan, hook the yellow cable to the Output V+ and the black cable to the output channel number. When programming the fan, switch the mode for the fan channel from FADE to JUMP, then use a value of 0 for the fan to be off and 100 for the fan to be on.

There is a way of having the fan speed up and slow down, but I will show how to do this in a full write-up and video soon.

Can I use the TC420 with WiFi?

There is a unit called the TC421 which looks to be identical to the TC420 but also has WiFi. I have not tried one of these units yet.

Can I wipe all the modes from my TC420?

Yes, you can delete all the modes to give you an empty controller. Connect the TC420 to your computer and open PLed. On the menu of PLed, click Control(C) and then Clear All(D). This will wipe all modes from your controller.

Can you help me set up the TC420 with the XXXXX LED unit?

Unfortunately I don't really have the time to do this, and its something that would most likely need to be investigated with the light unit that you are trying to use.

I don't have a DVD drive on my computer. Is there another way I can get the files on the supplied disc?

Yes, I have made a copy available on Google Drive (click here).

At the moment I only have the English language versions, so if anyone out there has other languages please send them to me so they can be shared with everyone.

If this fails to download, the sharing limit for the day may have been reached. The link is not broken, please try again another day.

I want to create a lightning effect, can the TC420 be set to change every second?

Unfortunately not. The smallest increment on the TC420 is 1 minute, and to can only have 50 changes in the 24 hour period.

The best option for creating a lighting storm effect, would be to find a circuit that will create the lightning when switched on, then use the TC420 to switch this on and off using JUMP changes. That way, at a certain time each day, you would have a lightning storm for x minutes.

Is there a version of PLed for the Mac or Linux?

Not as far as I am aware. So far my best suggestion would be to run it on a Windows virtual machine on your Mac or Linux machine.

If there is a version of other operating systems, please let me know and I will make it available for everyone.

NULL Mode Problem

A lot of people have been contacting me all with the same problem. The symptoms are:

  • You plug in the TC420 via USB
  • You upload the mode(s) and test the mode(s) with the play button in the PLed software and it works fine
  • You disconnect the USB but the mode(S) does not run, no lights come on
  • If you switch the power off then on, the mode(s) disappear and NULL is displayed on the screen

Fix Options

There are 2 options for you if you have this problem. The first option is to return the TC420 to your supplier as faulty and hope your replacement is a working version.

The second option is to update the device yourself. You can contact the manufacturer and they will sell you a device to update the processor in your TC420, however these may be sold out temporarily. From discussions I've had with people, the issue seems that there was an issue when the device was programmed. It was initially thought to just be the firmware, but this is not the case.

Please find all the details on this page.

NOTE: Please do not update your firmware unless your TC420 has the error above.